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Trimble - CSG Software
Trimble - CSG Software

Revolutionizing the Way We Work with Trimble.

Empower your team and streamline your operations with Trimble’s innovative technologies. With a focus on sustainability and community, Trimble is leading the way forward in the industry.

Discover the core technologies that set Trimble apart and experience the difference today.


Transform Your Work with Trimble:
Innovative Technologies for a Better Tomorrow

With innovative technologies optimize end-to-end operations and bring you one step closer to a more efficient, sustainable, and effective future.
Join the millions of people who trust Trimble for their life’s work and see the difference for yourself.

Leading the way forward with innovation

Technology moves fast, but at Trimble, they do more than keep pace. They embrace innovation in all its forms, bringing new solutions to the table and changing the way the world works.


Work better with integrated technologies

From analyzing options for net-zero energy construction to improving safety and speed in urban telecom operations, Trimble technologies are making a real difference in people’s lives.
Discover the core technologies that underpin Trimble’s commitment to helping their customers achieve more.

Lead the Way Forward with Trimble’s Core Technologies

Here at CSG, we carry Trimble’s innovative solutions that are changing the way the world works. With core technologies, teams can optimize end-to-end operations, automate and connect data, people, and processes and lead the way forward with Trimble’s cutting-edge innovations.
Embrace the future of work with CSG and Trimble.

Trimble X7

The Trimble X7 is a simple and reliable solution for capturing high-quality scans.
With its advanced features, such as automatic calibration, and integrated Trimble Perspective software, the Trimble X7 makes it easier to capture accurate data in the field with confidence.

Trimble XR10 with HoloLens 2

The Trimble XR10 with HoloLens 2 offers open collaboration and mixed reality capabilities, bringing design intent to the jobsite and empowering field workers to make informed decisions.
With the Trimble Connect platform and HoloTint accessory, the XR10 encourages real-time collaboration to increase productivity and avoid errors and disruptions. It supports nearly every design file type, from 2D to 5D models.

Trimble Ri

The new Trimble Ri is the only product of its kind in Singapore, setting a new standard for optical positioning solutions for the construction field worker.

To date, no other supplier has introduced this type of robotic total station flexibility in the market.

Trimble Connect

Trimble Connect unites your team with a cloud-based common data environment, designed for the construction industry.
Connect, collaborate and construct with ease. Get a complete view of the project from start to finish, including the details. Boost productivity with seamless collaboration between people, technology, and information.

Trimble Connect AR

Revolutionize your QA/QC workflows by viewing your digital models at 1:1 scale onsite and in context.

Enable your project team to detect errors, observe omissions, and visually collaborate to resolve them.

Trimble RealWorks

Point cloud processing and analysis software for 3D laser scanning professionals.

Automated tools and point cloud specific workflows allow users to import point cloud data from virtually any source, then quickly process, analyze and create high quality customer deliverables.

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