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FM Systems - CSG Software


One Technology to Support Your Entire Facility Portfolio

Imagine visualizing and managing your entire facility portfolio without ever leaving your computer. FM:Systems’ enterprise-wide IWMS (integrated workplace management system) empowers your team with easy-to-use interfaces that make managing today’s dynamic workplaces easy. Plan and project manage with intuitive dashboards, drag and drop functionality, scenario modeling and real-time analytics.


Optimize Your Facilities with Technology

Your space impacts your bottom line. You need a software solution to bring clarity to your organization—from implementing agile workspaces and getting real-time occupancy data to helping you track leases and moves to managing maintenance requests. Our platform integrates these key workspace management areas:

space mgtWhy Does Space Management Matter?

Space management involves the management of a company’s physical space inventory. Senior facilities executives and managers are typically tasked with controlling costs while keeping up optimal utilization of their space to create an environment where employees can meet and exceed the mission of the organization. It’s the often-overlooked aspect of your company that touches all departments, from the C-suite to HR, finance and beyond.


How can software help you become more efficient?

Space management software is a technology solution that organizations can use to track and manage their real estate assets and space utilization. At a high level, the management of your space inventory includes tracking and maintaining your space and occupancy information—identifying who sits where, understanding how much space your organization has, and how it’s actually being used, and projecting and forecasting how much real estate you will need in the future. It enables secure access to space data in the cloud as well as analysis via on-the-fly reporting and data visualizations that can provide actionable insights into how to better manage your organizational space.

Benefits of FM:Systems’ Space Management Solution


benefit4 - Space ManagementMove away from outdated models

Implement cloud-based, data-driven space management software with our intuitive dashboards to eliminate human error common in manual methods

benefit2 - Space ManagementPlan for the future

Use our scenario planning module to be prepared for future changes

benefit1 1 - Space ManagementGet a real-time picture of space utilization

Our full-suite, easy-to-use interface helps you control your entire physical space inventory including managing occupancy, allocations and chargebacks

benefit3 - Space ManagementReduce costs associated with unused space

Sell or rent unused space or consolidate high-traffic areas with our lease and move management modules to make the most of your current space assets

The Business Case for Software


sm1Empower your leadership team with the accurate, real-time data they need to make strategic decisions


sm3Free up time otherwise wasted on potentially inaccurate manual reporting


sm5Gain critical insights into how you currently use your space to identify areas of cost reductions, efficiency improvements or even potential revenue streams

fpmWhat is Facility Portfolio Management

Modern, cloud-based facility portfolio management software empowers better, smarter enterprise-wide facility management. For business executives and facility managers alike, it’s important to know what your facility portfolio looks like and how it is being used. Your facility portfolio is twofold: it includes managing both owned and leased real estate as well as all of your real estate assets including buildings, land, parking lots, decks, etc.

manual reports

In the past, portfolios were either managed by manual reporting in spreadsheets (prone to human error), or using a desktop-based, departmental CAFM (computer-aided facility management) system, which didn’t connect across departments well. Enter the world of IWMS (integrated workplace management system,) an enterprise-wide alternative to intelligently managing your facilities.

facility maintenance software

Key features of the right facility management software:

  • Operates in a cloud-based, secure and enterprise-wide environment to give you the most accurate information in real time
  • Offers dashboards to help you visualize data and map different scenarios
  • Delivers one solution for space and facility management
  • Integrates with AutoCAD drawings or Revit models


Benefits of FM:Systems’ Facility Portfolio Management

benefit4 - Space ManagementGet up-to-date, accurate depictions of your current assets

From buildings to land, it’s crucial to know what you currently have and how it’s being used

benefit2 - Space ManagementCut costs while generating revenue

See where you might be losing money due to inefficiencies like under-utilized space and maximize your lease management process to bring in money for your organization

benefit1 1 - Space ManagementGo confidently in the direction of future growth

If you’re thinking of expanding into new locations, scenario planning enables you to map out your future with clarity

benefit3 - Space ManagementManage complex processes

Whether conducting a move or a renovation, manage the process from start to finish with ease

The Business Case for Software

facility portfolio managementLeverage technology to unlock cost savings and revenue streams


facility portfolio managementMake smarter financial decisions for your organization


facility portfolio managementGain organization-wide portfolio management efficiency as you manage complex processes or diverse assets


maintenance graphicWhat is Facility Maintenance Management

Maintaining facilities at optimal levels is a huge undertaking for any organization. Keeping up with everyday maintenance is one thing. But planning for the future or responding in the event of a disaster or emergency takes facility maintenance to new levels. There are three common types of maintenance: predictive (or proactive), corrective and preventive.


Facility management software is the key to making sure your facilities operate optimally now and into the future, and significant cost savings can be realized. An IWMS (integrated workplace management system) is an upgrade to existing CMMS (computer maintenance management systems) because it offers enterprise-wide access to facility maintenance, advanced visualization of facility CAD and BIM drawings and connects this information to all other facility data and workflows including space, assets, moves, projects and more.


What is facility maintenance management software?

Facility maintenance software unlocks your facility management potential in one interface, allowing you to track current projects, plan for emergencies and create updates based on maintenance requests, including tracking work orders in real-time. Armed with all of this information, you can keep your facilities up to date to avoid costly downtime, prevent breakdowns before they happen, plan preventive maintenance and better respond in the event of a disaster or other unplanned circumstances.

facility maintenance software

Key features of the right facility maintenance software:

  • Cloud-based and secure
  • Can be accessed from anywhere – particularly in the case of a disaster or emergency
  • Provides accurate future planning capabilities
  • Helps teams communicate across departments
  • Integrates with AutoCAD drawings or Revit models


Benefits of FM:Systems’ Facility Maintenance Management

benefit2 - Facility Maintenance Management

Keep Facilities Running Smoothly

Eliminate confusion or chaos by having all of your facility maintenance requests in one central location

maint ben 1 - Facility Maintenance Management

Track Service Requests in Real-Time

Service requests are visible as they’re made with instant notifications routed to the appropriate technician for fast service and repairs

benefit4 - Facility Maintenance Management

Keep Up with Maintenance to Cut Costs

Save money while mitigating the risk of deferred maintenance costs

maint ben 2 - Facility Maintenance ManagementRecover faster after an emergency

Keep track of your disaster recovery plans to get back to business as quickly as possible

facility maintenanceTrack current and future service requests to keep your organization running smoothly


maint2Eliminate costly inefficiencies related to preventable downtime or facility disruption


maint3Plan for worst-case-scenarios related to disasters or emergencies