IT Services - CSG Software

IT Services - CSG Software

IT Services - CSG Software

IT Services - CSG Software

IT Services - CSG Software
IT Services - CSG Software



Bridging The Gap Between The Fast-Changing Digital World and Your Business Needs

Helpdesk & Desktop Administration Support

Backed by our team of highly experienced system consultants to take the burden of IT support off your hands by analyzing, advising, upgrading and monitoring your systems to ensure your IT infrastructure is meeting your business needs.

Installing & Configuring New Hardware/Software

Hands-on assistance of installation and configuration of software, program or hardware to ensure it’s successful and ready for execution.

Ad-hoc or Standby IT Support

Our Ad-hoc IT support services are specially designed for companies who are looking for ad-hoc IT support or maintenance, backfill IT supports to cover the permanent staff that is on planned or unplanned absence of duty. Providing you experienced IT consultants to cater to your requirements while doing away with the high costs associated with hiring permanent support staff.

Hardware Inventory & Software Licensing Management

Hardware Inventory: Track warranty information, software usage in computers, sort computers according to hardware manufacturers, disk usage, type and more.

Software License Management: Help manage your software licenses, category, license compliance, check software information including vendor name, date of installation, license’s expiry date, software version and more.

Database, Application Administration & Support

Database Administration Services: Setup database, account & monitoring, basic database maintenance & patching, data migrations & updates, backup all transaction logs and more.

Application Management Services: Installing, configuring, and upgrading the application, troubleshooting job failures (include a variety of software products), setup backend database if required, providing support for application entry error issues and more.

Compliance & License Issue Mitigation

We helps enterprises like yours in software licensing to reduce costs, mitigate risk and gain control in order to eliminate your software compliance risks. We also provide supports to enterprises who encountering license compliance issues.

Network & Server Administration Support

Servers and network monitoring (attending to your connectivity, event log monitoring, disk space or memory), server installation/migration, routine maintenance of desktops and servers (including security patch management and update, temporary file deletion, and disk defragmentation), daily backup monitoring and/or cloud management, remote access solutions and more.

Managed Security Services

We deliver a holistic security services including firewall management, unified threat management to help protect your assets and improve security posture, secure network from internet attacks and more.

IT Disaster Recovery & Mitigation

We protect your virtualized workloads with a robust disaster recovery to secure your data replication in the face of unforeseen system failures, ransomware attacks or user errors. 

Corporate Governance & Policies

Having a good IT Governance policy in place, ensure effective and efficient use of IT. Mitigating IT Risk issues & ensuring a smooth framework in enabling an organization to achieve its goals.



  • <10 Employees
  • 12 Months- 2799 SGD

  • <30 Employees
  • 6 Months- 1999 SGD
  • 12 Months- 3799 SGD

  • <50 Employees
  • 6 Months- 2999 SGD
  • 12 Months- 5599 SGD

6 Months (30 Hours) | 12 Months (70 Hours)
* 2 Hours at least for onsite