Novade - Leader in Construction Management - CSG Software

Novade - Leader in Construction Management - CSG Software

Novade - Leader in Construction Management - CSG Software

Novade - Leader in Construction Management - CSG Software

Novade - Leader in Construction Management - CSG Software
Novade - Leader in Construction Management - CSG Software

Singapore’s Unquestioned
Leader in Construction Management

Experience Novade – Singapore’s unparalleled leader in construction management. Accredited by the IMDA, Novade sets the benchmark with seamless integration with BCA’s platforms and leading-edge capabilities in the construction software industry. Embrace our cloud-based construction management software for superior quality control, safety, and productivity. Join the future of construction management with Novade.

Leading the way in Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD)
with the all-in-one construction app

Pioneering Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD)

With Novade’s comprehensive construction management software, trusted by 70% of A1 contractors.

Join the leaders and enhance your workflow today!

Go-to Construction Application

Experience the power of Novade – the go-to construction app for over 100K users on the jobsite.

Discover why it’s the choice of professionals and increase your productivity now!

Redefine Traditions

Redefine your development with Novade, adopted by 90% of top property developers.

Leverage our cloud-based construction management software for superior quality control and success.

Stay ahead with Novade

Managing over 1 million processes every month.
Experience exceptional construction workflow software and transform your operations today!

Data to Drive Results
Analytics that translate field data into insights for decision makers.


Access Data Across All Projects

Conduct Powerful Analytics

Generate Data-Rich Reports


Insights to Guide Your Decisions


Novade Helps You: So Your Team Can:
Identify top performers. Attract and retain talent; Select and work with the best suppliers.
Identify patterns and trends. Execute preventive measures to enhance quality and safety.
Measure and analyse field performance. Improve field efficiency.
Define and track operational processes. Optimise site processes.
Track digital transformation adoption. Manage change successfully.
Benchmark projects and suppliers. Apply best practices across all projects.


Analyse Millions of Records in Seconds

All data, integrated Dynamic filtering of data 200 configurable charts
Access to millions of records Customisable user rights Export to PDF, Excel or PNG

Monitor Field Production with Novade Site Diary

Monitor project and production status:

  • Facilitate Production Reporting
  • Automate Site Diaries
  • Generate Actionable Data


 Work Shift

  • Select the shift for each team

  • By zone or GPS coordinates

  • Capture temperature, humidity, air pressure (manually or via APIs)

  • Progress & production data
  • Start, duration & completion time

  • Check-in supplies delivery
  • Track supplies consumption per activity

  • Conduct team check-ins
  • Track allocations per activity

  • Conduct equipment check-ins
  • Track usage per activity

Real-time Access of Production Information for All Stakeholders

can access actionable productivity data and extensive site history.

and other stakeholders receive curated reports, facilitating communication and collaboration.

Site Managers
can validate reports, automate reporting and monitor productivity.

Supervisors & Foreman
can submit data from mobile devices and get notified when actions are required.

Record All Relevant Data from the Field

Site Activities & Progress
Monitor performance, progress and productivity.

Workforce Working Hours
Manage your teams with greater efficiency and transparency.

Equipment Usage
Maximise every asset with robust equipment utilisation reports.

Supplies & Usage
Efficiently manage inventory control and procurement.

Aggregate Data & Automate Report Generation
Data is captured once, verified, easy to trace and automatically distributed in the right form.


Save 30 Minutes per Shift on Reporting Duties

Easily capture real-time data from the field as work progresses.

  • Save time spent on administrative tasks for site supervisors to let them focus on site activities
  • Automate reporting with pre-defined templates, copy options and speech-to-text to facilitate data entry
  • Collaborate: consult reports from other teams from the field or the office
  • Reliable data thanks to configurable validation workflows and modification rights
  • Generate reports in PDF format

Generate Site Diaries Automatically

Easily enable all stakeholders to stay on top of a project’s progress.

  • Configure templates of Site Diaries to aggregate chosen aspects of your team’s reports
  • Review Site Diaries for each data at a glance
  • Modify the aggregated reports while keeping your team’s original reports
  • Share tailored reports to your management, clients and stakeholders
  • Submit your reports through configurable workflows with customisable modification rights at each step
  • Generate the Site Diaries in PDF format

Set Up Site Reports & Diaries in Minutes
Tailor your reporting by selecting categories and custom fields

Drawing Annotations
Denote areas where progress was made.

Photo Annotations
Add call-outs to your images to point out areas of special attention.

Integrate checklists for activities, equipment or deliveries.

GPS Location
Locate activities, equipment or deliveries.

Define & Track Your Metrics on Automated Dashboards

Tailor reporting to projects and trades for more in-depth assessments.

  • Monitor real-time production and consumption, consolidated ratios and deviations
  • Consolidate reporting across various functions to get reliable real-time data
  • Tailor your table view to your reporting needs:
    • Aggregate data by day, week, month, team, report template, activity, structure, and show cumulative value
    • Filter data by report template, team, and report creator
    • See current and planned total values
  • Automate reporting and export your table to Excel for further analysis

Improve Productivity & Bidding Accuracy

Leverage your data with powerful analytics.

  • Identify reasons for productivity highs and lows
  • Gain insights on your team’s efficiency and resource usage
  • Analyse productivity by activity and building element
  • Gather the most accurate productivity ratios from past projects to deliver bids at the most accurate price
  • Leverage a database of project feedbacks to secure knowledge transfer

Novade Reports will Substantially Improve Your Business

Increase Visibility

Increase transparency to your organisation and accountability to your teams with real-time reporting.

Boost Performance

Drive efficiency and performance by monitoring reliable data on productivity ratios and resource consumption.

Improve Competitivity

Increase productivity on your projects by analysing field data, allowing you to deliver competitive bids on tenders.

Make Your Business a Safer Place with Novade Safety-HSE

Novade Safety is used to manage safety procedures on construction sites such as Permits To Work (PTWs) or Non-Conformance Reports (NCRs). Paper forms are replaced by an easy-to-use mobile application. All key stakeholders are engaged in key processes:

  • Enforce compliance effectively
  • Get everybody engaged
  • Prevent issues before they occur

Real-time Access to Safety Information for All Key Stakeholders

can monitor the status of safety compliance in real time.

Safety Regulators

can monitor the status of safety compliance in real time.

Safety Managers

can conduct safety inspections and monitor corrective actions.
can submit data from mobile devices and get notified when actions are required.

Easily Create & Monitor All Safety Actions
Address safety issues in a timely & efficient manner

Effectively Ensure Compliance

Digitise Permits-to-Work (PTWs) and safety forms.

  • Enforce safety standards: create custom templates for forms or Permits-to-Work such as hot work, lifting, work at height, etc.
  • Ensure proper measures are in place before commencing work.
  • Identify workers, view their qualifications and ensure they all have valid credentials.
  • Identify equipment, view their certificates and ensure they can operate safely.
  • Increase accountability: submit and digitally sign off directly from mobile devices.
  • Get visibility on all dangerous activities in real time.

Conduct Digital Safety Inspections

Assign corrective actions on the spot.

  • Lodge non-conformities during inspections.
  • Select standard descriptions; take and annotate pictures.
  • Assign corrective actions on the spot with starting and completion date, and level of severity.
  • Generate reports automatically, including the option to customise report formats to match client requirements.

Report Incidents & Near Misses

Enforce high standards for accurate and detailed reporting.

  • Customise digital forms to match your Incident, Accident, and Near Miss reports.
  • Input information from mobile devices: hazards, hazard sources, root causes, etc.
  • Gather facts quickly and efficiently to facilitate investigations and prevent future claims.
  • Formulate and monitor corrective and preventive actions to reduce incidents.
  • Conduct analytics to assess frequency, most common sources, correlations, etc.

Effectively Manage Safety Records for Each Employee

Get everyone on board with workplace safety.

  • Easily create accounts for new employees.
  • Simplify the administration of the safety induction process.
  • Manage records such as safety qualifications and work permits.
  • Includes barcode and NFC tag capabilities, with the option to integrate data with existing HR systems through APIs.

Empower Teams to Be Your Eyes in the Field

Identify opportunities for improvement before problems occur.

  • Allow workers in the field to report observations with their mobile devices.
  • Highlight safe working practices observed to provide positive reinforcement.
  • Encourage sharing of best practices; make safety conversations second nature.
  • Help find unsafe acts and conditions; follow up with corrective or preventive actions.
  • Measure improvement with safe/unsafe observations ratio. Identify patterns and conditions that potentially increase risk levels.

Manage Toolbox Meetings Digitally

Make safety the first item on the agenda every morning.

  • Digitise meeting reports such as toolbox meetings, incident & risk-assessment reviews, and weekly safety meetings.
  • Track workers’ attendance for each meeting.
  • Engage your teams: reinforce focus on safety basics and high-risk scenarios, day by day.
  • Review all meetings conducted at a glance.
  • Generate meeting reports in PDF format.

Manage Safety Records for Equipment & Machinery

  • Easily create data for equipment and machinery.
  • Manage certification for equipment and machinery.
  • Ensure safe and reliable conditions for you equipment and machinery.
  • Includes barcode and NFC tag capabilities, with the option to integrate with ERP and IOT systems through APIs.
  • Includes the option to manage inspections and repairs with the Novade Maintenance module.

Identify Issues Before They Occur

Utilise powerful analytics and predictive models.

  • Identify common failed items, incomplete inspections or other items that could lead to incidents.
  • Gain insights that tell you what’s working, what’s not, and what you can do to fix it.
  • Remove interferences such as obstacles, hazards, and anything else to get the job done well.

Novade Safety-HSE will Substantially Impact Your Business



Save time in managing activities in the field, creating reports and analysing data.


Rule-based systems ensure rigorous enforcement and control on key processes.


Effectively manage corrective and preventive actions to prevent issues before they occur.

Manage Project Quality from Construction to Handover

Novade Quality is a complete solution engaging all key stakeholders on the project:

  • Teams in the field can easily conduct inspections, manage defect rectification, and capture data with mobile devices.
  • Sub-contractors can access and update information in real time on their mobile devices.
  • Management and project teams can track and monitor the project status with dashboards and reports.
  • Homeowners can also be involved in the process on residential projects during the handover phase.

By using standard definitions, checklists and punch lists, teams can analyse data, identify trends, draw correlations and ultimately improve quality on projects while reducing costs.

Conduct Quality Inspections with Digital Forms

  • Customize digital forms such as structural, M&E, or architectural forms.
  • Deploy custom workflows for each digital form.
  • Complete the digital forms with mobile devices.
  • Access the latest drawings from mobile devices to facilitate quality control checks.
  • Digitally sign forms and automatically archive them for easy retrieval.
  • Monitor the status of all forms in real time.

Identify Defects & Manage Rectification

  • Lodge defects during inspections: select standard descriptions, take and annotate pictures, locate defects on a drawing.
  • Assign work on the spot with starting date, completion date, and assigned contractor.
  • Give sub-contractors access to update defect and inspection information on their mobile devices.
  • Confirm rectifications digitally from your mobile or desktop device.
  • Get acknowledgement from customers with digital signatures.

Manage Handover & Commissioning Processes

  • For residential projects, homeowners are provided with a mobile application to:
    • Access information on their home.
    • Report issues.
    • Track the rectification status.
  • The system improves communication and facilitates coordination during the entire process.

Boost productivity and streamline site processes on your HDB project & comply with tender specifications. Manage projects throughout the entire lifecycle:





Comply with the Latest HDB Requirements

Based in Singapore, our platform is already trusted on multiple HDB projects islandwide to boost productivity and reduce paper. Plus, we’re proud to deliver a solution that fully complies with HDB’s tender requirements. Check out our feature list below.

Our Solutions

Everything you need for your HDB project to go digital. Enforce safety with digital PTWs and NCRs with Novade Safety. Manage quality inspections and defect rectifications from your mobile or desktop with Novade Quality. Plus, utilise automatic digital forms to speed up processes and stay organised.

Platform Technology

Our secure cloud system allows your team to work in both online and offline, with instant synchronisation that keeps everything up-to-date. Novade dashboards grant you access to track vital project analytics and automatic reports can be generated at the end of each month. Get all the tools you need, on one platform.

System Requirements:

  • Default Language is English ✓
  • Unlimited Users & Devices ✓
  • Pre-set Workflows with Audit Trail of  actions/tasks performed ✓
  • System compatible with iOS, Android, and all Major Web Browsers ✓
  • Online & Offline Mode for System Usage ✓
  • Unique Identification for All Cases ✓
  • Capture all Types of Data & Record Changes ✓
  • Cases and Plans are Accessible Both on Web and Mobile ✓
  • Instant System-generated Reports ✓
  • Mobile & Web Dashboards for Live Statuses and Statistics ✓
  • Customisable checklists, categories and tags ✓
  • User Rights are Configurable Based on User Groups ✓
  • Data Secured with User Authentication and Encryption ✓
  • Training & Technical Support Provided ✓
  • Open APIs for Web-based Data Transfers to HDB ✓
Functional Requirements:

  • Safety ✓
  • Environmental ✓
  • In-process Audits/Checks ✓
  • Quality ✓
  • Defects during Construction ✓
  • Defects during Defect Liability Period ✓

Ensure Robust
HSE Compliance

Don’t let non-compliance tarnish your reputation or derail your timeline.

Utilize Novade construction safety software to digitize field processes like inductions, permits, toolbox meetings, and more, reducing compliance management costs by up to 80%. Safeguard your operations both legally and contractually.


Promote Unwavering Quality Assurance

Consistently deliver top-notch projects with Novade’s construction quality control software.

Digitize field processes including quality controls, punch lists, and defect rectifications, slashing quality management costs by up to 80%. Enhance customer satisfaction and uphold your stellar reputation.

Optimize Progress & Resource Tracking

Enhance your resource allocation and contract management with Novade.

Capture field data in real time using Novade’s mobile app, and keep a pulse on task progress, workforce activities, equipment usage, and supplies delivery.

Encourage collaboration with clients, consultants, and suppliers throughout construction, installation, and maintenance phases with their web-based construction project management software.


Harness the Power of Your Data

Make the most of your field data with Novade. Reduce costs, boost performance, and scale your operations, making smarter, faster, and safer decisions.

Improve safety and environmental performance, delivering quality consistently. Enhance workforce and asset productivity, manage contractors and suppliers efficiently, and make informed bidding decisions with their construction analytics software.

Novade Field Management – Streamline processes and enchance productivity.

Transform your quality management today! Discover how Novade can streamline your processes, enhance productivity, and improve your bottom line. Don’t wait—take action now and empower your team with Novade! Register below to talk to out experts and figure how Novade and solve your problems!

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