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ISETIA - CSG Software

ISETIA - CSG Software

ISETIA - CSG Software

ISETIA - CSG Software
ISETIA - CSG Software


ISETIA helps to plan, manage, collaborate, execute and report documents on projects, programs and portfolios.

ISETIA helps to automate a consistent and repeatable processes, to increase efficiency, improve visibility and better utilize resources. It results with success in improvement of productivity, reduction of operational costs and mitigation of risk. It is designed to help small, medium and big size organizations to manage their projects, programs and portfolios of projects successfully. Its unique character is based on covering needs in the same high standard of all levels of organization in micro and macro planning with extraordinary multidimensional visualisation and interactive way.

ISETIA introduces revolution move from general structure of folders and subfolders into the private information zone, which may be tailored to particular wish. Professional, real time collaboration platform makes unique document flow simple, fast and effective.

It is run on a cloud and offers a number of pre-configured modules aligned to different projects environments and needs to allow users to begin benefiting from solution immediately. Product has been constantly developing, in addition can be tailored into particular organization specific needs.Several modules like: Document Management, 3P Management, Cost Management, Process Management, Risk Management, Issue Management, Lessons Learned and BIM Module transfers ISETIA into Multidimensional World.


  • Internal information circulation allows you send and receive data and documents with no lag, thanks to a centralized and cloud-based repository. You will be always up-to-date with ongoing actions thanks to your personal dashboard. This simplifies your work style by letting you focus on just what’s important and reduces the time needed to analyze data.
  • Work quickly and effectively with all stakeholders via a shared workspace on a multi-tenant web-based platform.
  • Quick question for a colleague? No problem! Use chat to communicate quickly instead of sending a whole email.
  • Immediately control, share, collaborate on and track the use of confidential documents. Automate accounting procedures, manage project documents and cooperate with customers and vendors. Quickly integrate with any existing PM, ERP, CRM or HRMS documents.
  • Professional Our professional real time collaboration platform makes unique document flow simple, fast and effective. Cascade approvals on all stages of management (team leader, project manager, board member etc.) or remarks. Notes and any additional comments are collected and visualized at the same time. Cooperate in a transparent and clear way, no matter where you are.
  • Get direct feedback using the revision option. When a workflow is not needed, send the document directly. It’s a simple way to get information back as soon as possible.
  • External collaboration? No problem! Send links to documents to stakeholders who are not ISETIA users. The link expires after 48 hours.
  • Use markup to draw your message. Add comments using the painting tool when a colleague asks you for remarks or notes on document, mockup, photo or visualization in any file format. Instead of a complicated verbal explanation, show them what you mean.
  • Verify actions, tasks and work done by your team at any time. An ISETIA CARD® gives you visualization of the ongoing actions and personal data of its owner (including a photo, role, dates and deadlines).
  • The built-in chat feature lets everyone come together to discuss important topics, share ideas and resolve problems in real time.
  • An idea is only great when it’s shared. Use our interactive message boards to post topics, spark conversations and increase collaboration. Unlike with email conversations, everyone can participate in the discussion. Put the threads in distinct, dedicated zones for easy access.
  • Reach your ‘big picture’ with easy access to all the information you need to make relevant decisions on initiating, suspending and closing processes, projects or programs. Each team member is able to perform work using a well-defined and easily accessible collection of information.
  • All project documents are stored in electronic form on the same platform. Access them any time.
  • All you need is an internet connection. No specific configuration is required as ISETIA is fully web-based solution.
  • The intuitive interface lets any user start work without training. It’s a self-teaching solution.
  • ISETIA BIM Viewer allows you to integrate your BIM model and extend the scope of information into 3D. Apply comments either on objects or in ISETIA and they will be shared in both locations automatically.
  • Every company has its own structure, hierarchy and culture and needs to use information in a unique way. That’s why ISETIA is equipped with a code library component, which allows you to create specific priorities, values, importance levels or even simple tags for every single piece of information.
  • Save lessons learned during project execution and conclusions for the future in one place. This knowledge can improve quality and effectiveness of all the company staff in future projects.
  • The transparency of the information served in ISETIA BOARD® allows you to manage projects, processes, and documents based on Agile Manifest methodology and support management in a traditional way.
  • ISETIA introduces a revolutionary move from a general structure of folders and subfolders into the private information zone, which can be tailored according to your own needs.
  • For the purpose of full understanding and transparency, the horizontal and vertical structuring of documentation allows you to keep information in order and its own place while connecting documents to packages.
  • The Code Library function allows you to create a hierarchy with tags for global structuring that considers the standards of object naming.


  • Personalize your own dashboard view with all information required to perform the job. ISETIA automatically selects items that are assigned to the user or require the user’s attention. In one dashboard, group the ISETIA CARD® and all other objects like risks, issues, expenses, reports and documents.
  • Assign action items to team members and track them to closure. Action items are displayed on the dashboard when the user receives an assignment.
  • Enjoy the variety of privilege combinations available based on global or project roles and on individual users. An extensive structure of privileges lets you rest easy knowing that the company’s data is safe and secure. Super users (Administrators) may grant or deny access for any action (adding, creating, editing, updating, opening, reading, viewing, deleting) to any area and object.
  • Stop worrying about security risks from third parties. All information is sent through the network in encrypted form. This removes the risk of hackers or bots gaining access.
  • Always know a project’s status thanks to storing and distributing full information for all your projects. Data can be utilized according to decisions that are made and shared with all project stakeholders. Stay informed about any off-contract activity with controlled processes, automated tracking and a full audit trail.
  • Better resource utilization means reduction of man hours and administrative costs. Knowledge of resources’ work assignments enables better and optimal usage. When executives realize that there is a gap between demand and the current pool of resources, more staff may be hired. In the reverse situation – an excessive pool of resources compared to current demand, may be reduced.
  • Stay informed throughout the contract cycle with automatic alerts, handy dashboards and configurable reports. Understand the actual situation for better managing and controlling projects. Generate reports for a variety of situations, including analyzing all possible data stored in ISETIA.
  • Track every single piece of information you manage directly from the dashboard, including sending a document to revision, creating a document flow or assigning an ISETIA CARD®, document, process, risk, issue, activity, resource, expense, or lesson learned. This keeps you up-to-date and makes you more decisive.
  • When a task or action is completed it is archived, but still available to review.
  • Lessons learned guarantee you to keep and store critical information and experiences from previous projects, allowing you to work better and smarter in the future.
  • Every action taken by any user is logged with detailed information – when, what, and who.
  • Stop worrying about your data. By default, ISETIA automatically creates a backup once a day. The backup storage location and frequency is fully customizable.