Novade Training by CS Global Group

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We have tested and proven Novade in the field

Learn from industry veterans who have used Novade

When you train with us, you train with instructors who have been rigorously tested in the field and able to impart real world knowledge that you can apply and distinguish yourself.

Unlike the majority of training centers out there, we are not just a school, so you will get to see actual projects we are designing and running and understand real life applications. Be thoroughly equipped to take on a real project when you complete the training. Feel free to browse and read more about each course that we conduct. Also if you have any questions, please contact us directly using the form below.

Some of our Happy Graduates:

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KC has some additional value considering he is working with a SMRT contractor in a renewal project. It is appreciated to have a trainer who understands the constraints of our industry.

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The knowledge Ms Reema relays to the student is great. Easy to understand and apply. She is kind and presentable



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Novade Training Courses Offered here: