Covid-19 Safe Restart Funding - CS Global

Covid-19 Safe Restart Funding - CS Global

Covid-19 Safe Restart Funding - CS Global

Covid-19 Safe Restart Funding - CS Global

Covid-19 Safe Restart Funding - CS Global
Covid-19 Safe Restart Funding - CS Global

COVID-19: Novade Safe Restart Package

Up to 80% funding available to implement safe management measures with Novade. Comply with BCA and integrate with the Build-SG COVIDSafe Platform (CSP) today!

Novade Can Help Singapore Contractors Operate with
Safe Restart Digital Solutions

  • Single site management platform for ease in safe restart
  • Manage safety for your worksite, workforce, accommodation and transportation​
  • Monitor and manage potential cases in real-time ​
  • Critical tool for safe management officers (SMOs) and safe distancing officers (SDOs)

Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) &
Advanced Digital Solutions (ADS):
Up to 80% government funding is available

for construction firms in Singapore to implement Novade’s Safe Restart package,

including IoT hardware and integration for your safe management measures

In partnership with:

Manage COVID-19 Safe Restart in the Field​ with a Single Site Management Platform




Safety Forms

Bluetooth Tracing




Thermal Cameras

AI Cameras & Wearables

Overview of Novade Safe Restart
In Compliance with the Building & Construction Authority (BCA)

IMDA Pre-approved Safety & Health Management System for Construction Firms

Tap on PSG or ADS funding today to go paperless with Electronic Permits-to-Work (PTWs) system while digitizing your safety processes!

Easy Integration


Singapore Authorities

Bluetooth dongles & wearables

Thermal scanners



AI cameras

Facial recognition cameras

BuildSG-COVIDSafe Platform (CSP)

Functionalities to Operate Safely

Automate Builder/Occupier Daily Report for Submission to BCA

  • Simple submissions for approved-to-work construction sites
  • Easily capture data of personnel entering sites with the 15 different field requirements
  • Choose to mass check-in, self check-in or for visitors to check-in
  • Integrate with information collected from IoT devices
  • Easily export the data via Excel/CSV file for BCA submission

Effectively Ensure Compliance
Digitise Permits-to-Work (PTWs) and safety forms

  • Enforce safety standards: create custom templates for forms or Permits-to-Work such as hot work, lifting, work at height, etc
  • Ensure proper measures are in place before commencing work
  • Identify workers, view their qualifications and ensure they all have valid credentials
  • Identify equipment, view their certificates and ensure they can operate safely
  • Increase accountability: submit and digitally sign off directly from mobile devices
  • Get visibility on all dangerous activities in real time

Conduct Digital Safety Inspections
Assign corrective actions on the spot

  • Conduct inspections and lodge non-conformities 
  • Select standard descriptions;​ take and annotate pictures
  • Assign corrective actions on the spot with starting dates, completion and levels of severity
  • Generate reports automatically; option to customise report format to match client requirements

Assign & Monitor Corrective Actions​

  • Create corrective actions with locations and photos
  • Assign corrective actions to designated persons for rectification works
  • Monitor progression of corrective actions
  • Capture data of before and after rectifications for seamless workflows
  • Generate and archive reports automatically with the option to download for submission to authorities​

Empower Teams to Keep Everyone​ Safe

  • Empower workers in the field to report observations with photos from their mobile devices
  • Highlight safe working practices observed to provide positive reinforcement
  • Verify and assign corrective actions remotely for non-compliance

Daily Health Declaration Forms​

  • Daily submission of paperless health declaration forms prior to entering site
  • Remotely review all health declaration forms
  • Maintain digital records for auditing purposes
  • Retrieve records anytime for submission to relevant authorities

Potential Cases & Incident Reports

  • Customise digital forms to help manage potential and confirmed cases
  • Input detailed information such as workers’ particulars and symptoms
  • Attach documents required by the authorities
  • Generate and archive reports automatically with the option to download for submission to authorities

Prioritise Health & Safety with Digital​ Toolbox Meetings

  • Engage your teams: reinforce focus on health and safety basics and good practices to prevent COVID-19​
  • Ensure all employees are briefed on safety procedures​
  • Record safe attendance via a contactless process
  • Remotely review all meetings conducted at a glance
  • Maintain digital records for auditing purposes

Manage Movement with Transportation Forms

  • Track vehicle movement with assigned vehicle numbers and drivers
  • Manage personnel in designated vehicles through a contactless process
  • Remotely review all records at a glance
  • Maintain digital records for auditing purposes

Easily Record & Report Body Temperature​

  • Capture and record body temperature with QR codes
  • Track the location and time of temperature taken via a contactless process
  • Remotely review all records up to 28 days 
  • Maintain digital records for auditing purposes

IoT Integration –
Thermal Scanners​​​

  • Automate temperature taking for field operators entering and leaving the worksite
  • Tag each worker’s temperature to their profile using facial recognition
  • Deny entry to persons detected with high body temperature
  • Integrate seamlessly with Novade’s platform through API
  • Retrieve data from a single source of information

Control Movement with
Location Tracking​​

  • Check in and out with QR codes
  • Monitor site movement remotely and efficiently with real-time updates from the field
  • Identify non-compliance and take corrective actions promptly
  • Export data easily with a user-friendly interface for audit purposes

IoT Integration – Facial
Recognition Cameras​​​

  • Facial recognition for field operators entering and leaving the worksite
  • Prevent unauthorised personnel from entering site
  • Integrate seamlessly with the Novade platform
  • Retrieve data quickly with a single source of information

Contact Tracing with Bluetooth​​

  • Bluetooth contact tracing is enabled for all registered personnel on their mobile devices
  • Retrieve records of those who come in close contact with approximate time and duration
  • Identify non-compliance and take corrective actions promptly 
  • Export information easily for reporting or auditing purposes

​IoT Integration – AI Cameras &

  • Monitor for any violations of safe distancing measures with AI cameras
  • Detect unsafe behaviours: e.g. workers not wearing masks, overcrowding, etc.
  • ​​Get alerted by wearables when workers come in close contact
  • Integrate with the Novade platform to facilitate real-time notifications and reporting

*Requires purchase of hardware

Conduct Contactless & Virtual Inspections​​​​

  • Reduce number of inspectors on site
  • Pre-defined and contactless approval process
  • Notify subcontractors remotely of any non-compliance
  • Monitor the status of all safety controls in real time
  • Option to include Novade’s Quality module to digitalise quality checks and reduce costs of rework

Monitor Adoption of New
Measures in Real Time​

Novade Can Help You Operate with
New Health & Safety Measures

  • Enforce new standards in the field rigorously and consistently
  • Reduce contact with digital data capture and digital approval processes
  • Manage corrective and preventive actions effectively
  • Monitor conformance and adoption remotely
  • Trace contacts and digitally record all processes
  • Detect issues before they occur by applying analytics
  • Retrieve data for authorities’ submission

Let’s Collaborate During this Challenging Period​

Protect Your Teams

Enforce new standards and implement contact-free processes.

Enforce Compliance

Rule-based system ensures rigorous enforcement and control on new norms.​

Maintain Productivity

Enforce new norms effectively with minimum impact on your operations.​

COVID-19 Safe Restart - Funding

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