Improving Construction Productivity And Quality Using Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) Approach Training

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An understanding of construction & engineering industry.

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A construction involves many parties at different stages of a project, and good coordination is critical in preventing unnecessary reworks along the way.
Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) aims to strengthen such coordination and foster collaboration by connecting all parties through digital information and technology.

IDD leverages cloud and digital technology to integrate stakeholders in the building life cycle management. It connects the entire project delivery process from design,fabrication, to assembly on-site, as well as operations and maintenance of buildings when construction has completed.


Course Objectives:

1. Improve productivity in managing project with IDD Approach.

2. How to strengthen communication during coordination and collaboration with different parties in a project.

3. To address importance of quality in construction to avoid unnecessary reworks.

4. Managing quality from PPVC to Handover stage.

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