WSHE Manager (Projects): “We use the Novade system to assess the Permits to Work on site so we can monitor day to day activities. So all the activities are captured in the Novade system itself, together with checklists and near-miss reports.”

“The site supervisor or any engineer can capture any non-conformance on site so they can take direct photos to send to that particular person in charge to rectify it on the spot.”

Senior WSHO (Corporate): “Previously, if we are using a hard copy of Permit to Work, it takes about two hours. So, with Novade coming in, it can actually take about thirty minutes of time to apply the whole thing. So, it helps us, and we actually save a lot of paper.”

“The data compiled is available not only on the application but also on desktop, if you go through an online browser. I actually have a lot of live data of internal hazard activity, and Novade provides a dashboard to have a breakdown of all this.”

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